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How To Post

How To Post

A full posting will be broken down into 2 steps; Publish and Promote. In order to effectively post, you will need to have an Integration or an EggZack Website as well as connected Email Lists and/or Social Media Outlets.


In order to Post we must Publish:


  1. Login to EggZack
  2. Click on the Post module
  3. Choose a Post Type (News, Event, Offer, etc.)
  4. Include:
    1. News Title: Maximum 100 Characters
    2. Content: Minimum 30 Characters
    3. +Add image
      1. Upload or select existing
    4. Select News Type:
      1. News – Article only content
      2. Event – Used for additional fields such as location, date, time, and price
      3. Offer – Used for limited time deals
    5. Select Feeds: (Optional)
      1. Featured Slider – The Image slider on your homepage
      2. Additional feeds – created feeds, for any purpose you see fit
    6. Add a Transaction: Optional
      1. Transactions are Calls-to-Action and don’t necessarily involve the exchange of money. This will create a button that can be clicked to initiate an action such as linking to another website or adding an item to the user’s cart.
        1. Ad Hoc Description – The label given to the button
        2. Ad hoc link – the web address users are taken to when they click
  5. Click Publish


Now it is time to Promote:

  1. Select any combination of outlets to promote your newly published news, event, or offer.
  2. Review the Overview for any problems with Promoting.


Congratulation! You’ve successfully Published and Promoted a post. To check out your Published post go to your website, social media, or Published in the EggZack platform. To learn what you can do in Published click HERE.

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