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Adding Galleries

Adding Galleries

Show off your latest photo albums with Galleries! Whether it is a baking gallery, event gallery, or more of a team-in-action gallery, show your pictures in their best light by creating galleries.


Create your Gallery in the Website module.


  1. Click Gallery
  2. Add to Existing gallery or Add New Gallery.
    1. New galleries will create a gallery web page.
    2. Give the page a Navigation Name and insert Gallery Text (Optional)
    3. Then go back to Gallery and click on existing Gallery.
  3. From here you can add an image 1 at a time (+ Add Image) or up to 10 at once (Bulk Image Upload).
  4. Choose Bulk Upload and Upload up to 9 images.
  5. Include Title (Optional)
  6. Submit


Your gallery is now available to view. You may link directly to gallery pages or use one gallery page for all.

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