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Latest News

    Platform Tooltips!

    Hi EggZack Users!In an effort to make your user experience an amazing one, we have revamped our processes and created a much improved help site. Taking it a step further, we have placed tooltips throughout the EggZack platform to increase your knowledge and understanding of important parts of the s...

    Writing Content With EggZack

    Hi Everyone! With our recent change to the Promote module, we've narrowed down the toolset as part of our web friendly initiative. This change means your content will have no interference and can be easily accessed by many different platforms. Now, more than ever, EggZack is hel...

    Mobile Posting!

    Hi All, We are proud to present to you improved Mobile Posting with EggZack! We know how busy you are and we have made it quick & easy to keep your customers informed on-the-go! Access Mobile Posting from your mobile device by opening a browser and going to...

    Scheduled Posting!

    Hi Everyone, Today we are very proud to release to you Scheduled Posting! That's right, now you can schedule your posts in advance and manage your time more efficiently. No more worrying about logging into EggZack in the middle of a busy day to get the timing right on yo...

    Images in Email

    Hi Everyone! This week we bring to your attention improvements to the Email module of the EggZack platform. Emailing customers is an important part of any business interaction, whether or not your users are reading the email content or skimming through their list and scrolling p...

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