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What We Need From You

What We Need From You

In order to get you fully set up and using EggZack to its full potential, we require a few things. The faster you can gather all of the required information, the easier a time we will both have reaching the Live point. Help us to help you by having access to:


  1. Email Accounts: Existing or newly created
    1. Gmail
    2. Yahoo
  2. A list of existing Social Media and logins. If you have reservations about giving your social media logins to us we can have you connect the social media outlets to EggZack. Still, we need your list!
  3. Content: For EggZack Websites
    1. Images
    2. Text
    3. Pages
    4. Color Schemes
    5. Site Badges or icons (if you have them)
  4. Web and Domain management logins and/or contacts
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