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I need to change my password.

Password changes can be made in Settings > Profile or by clicking Forgot Password when logging in.


I tried to login but it keeps telling me I’m using the wrong password when I’m not.

If you are changing your password and still are unable to sign in contact ezhelp@eggzack.com.


My business information is incorrect.

If your business information is incorrect, you may change it in Settings > Business Info.


Our account has a new contact.

To change your Business’ Contact Information, go to Settings > Business Info and scroll to the bottom.


We have a new employee we want to add as a user.

To add additional users to manage your EggZack account, add them as admins in Settings > Admins. For more information click HERE.


I want to update my billing information.

To update your billing information, contact ezhelp@eggzack.com or call 888.344.9225 to update.


I want to change my plan.

To change your plan contact your Account Manager. If you do not have your Account Manager’s contact information, contact us at ezhelp@eggzack.com or call 888.344.9225.


I want to go on the guarantee.

To go on the guarantee we need to make sure that you’re doing everything you can do in order to improve your local business health. Contact your Account Manager for help and information.

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