Search Engine Optimization

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. The phrase is often heard when talking about improving your web presence.


The basis behind the concept is that you can optimize your website to give you a better advantage over the competition by using quality content, keywords, and tags to help your website when search engines decide to crawl it.


Search Engine Optimization results are the hardest to quantify because search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing control when they send out crawlers, also known as spiders. Still, you should notice improvement in your website’s activity over time thanks to the EggZack setup process.


As part of the setup, we create your local directories, try to claim existing directories, and create any missing social media that we support. Think of this as creating multiple websites for your business on various high ranking networks. For example, before EggZack you might have had a website and conducted a search on your business. If you’re lucky you can be found on the first page, but you’ll, more likely than not, only have one or two results. By creating all of these pages, you will now be more easily found because your website spans multiple networks including your current website, social media, directories and more.


As a bonus, ask your account manager about SEO reports to help you improve your rankings.



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