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My menu spacing isn’t rendering properly.

If the menu spacing was working fine beforehand, chances are you accidentally moved pages around, or created a new page without placing it under existing pages. In some cases, this causes display issues with your navigation menu. You may fix this by nesting pages underneath existing pages are contacting ezhelp@eggzack.com for more specific information or changes.


I tried to hide a page but I can’t.

To hide a page it needs to either be saved as a draft or be nested under a hidden/drafted page.


I used the advanced settings to insert code but it didn’t work.

Sometimes, our sites are customized according to the account holder or contact. If you are trying to make changes to the header or footer of the page, contact ezhelp@eggzack.com for assistance.


I tried to delete a gallery but can’t.

Deleting galleries sometimes asks the user to transfer any existing gallery content to another gallery or sub-gallery, even if there is not content choose a gallery to send it to.


I can’t scroll through to my older news, events, or offers.

Pagination or scrolling through older pages of content requires automatic feed archives to be activated. Chances are you have only the Latest News, Events, or Offers feed turned on. Turn feeds On/Off in Website > Automatic Feeds.


I need to change my business information (phone number, address, or hours).

To change your business information on your website you will most likely need to change it in Settings > Business Info. If this change does not work, your website was customized on The Backend or using a custom web page. Contact ezhelp@eggzack.com for clarification and changes.


I need to make changes to the site but don’t know where to go.

To make changes to the web pages, use Website > Menu. To make advanced changes contact ezhelp@eggzack.com.

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