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My posts aren’t going to my website.

If posts are failing to send to your website you need to take a look at two things.

1.      Are you promoting after you publish?

If you don’t know what I mean, chances are you might be skipping the outlet selection. After clicking Publish, select your social media and hit Promote on the bottom right of the page.

2.      Are your social and blog networks properly connected?

Your outlets may need to be reconnected, especially if there have been permission changes on the social network’s end or you recently changed your login information. To learn how to reconnect outlets click HERE.


My Business information is incorrect.

Your Business Information can be changed at any time using the Business Info section of the Settings Module.


Why do I have to provide my login information?

We ask you to provide your login information so that we can connect your accounts as part of the setup process or to help us troubleshoot any connection or posting issues. If you don’t wish to give us your login information, please be detailed when submitting issues and provide a list of the affected or self-created accounts.


How do I know what’s included in my plan?

To see what your plan covers you may click HERE if you know what plan you have. If you need more detailed information, contact your Account Manager or ezhelp@eggzack.com.


Who are the contacts in EggZack?

At EggZack, you’ll have contact with your Account Manager, your Project Manager, and the Client Care Manager.

Account Managers will be your go to for the initial sign up and any demos or information regarding pricing and upgrades. The Project Manager will be your primary contact for your setup. They will work with you on your website creation, account creations and all connections until you go live. The Client Care Manager or Client Care Team will be your main points of contact for any questions or issues you may have once you are live with EggZack.


Who is my Account Manager?

Your Account Manager is your contact at EggZack who checks in on you periodically to make sure your experience with EggZack and overall business health is going well. Should you need advice, you can contact them or ezhelp@eggzack.com. For any questions regarding a change in your account status you may contact your Account Manager or ezhelp@eggzack.com.


When will I hear from my Project Manager?

You will hear from the account manager in 1-2 business days from your sign up date or on the requested kickoff date. This gives us a chance to clear payment and setup details with the account managers, and contact you to get started.

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