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There are three types of email that can be sent using the EggZack platform. Alerts, Newsletters and Digests. They differ in functionality, purpose, and appearance but ultimately, it's up to you how you want to use them.


Types of email:


Alerts are emails that can be sent when we Promote. These emails act as offers, news, or events alerts and will include a brief excerpt of your article, the image, your logo and, if included in the post, your ad hoc (Call to action) button. To learn more about Alerts click HERE.


Newsletters can be created separately from posts to update email followers. The email does not update your website but can include articles that you have previously published. These articles are known as digest articles. To learn more about Newsletters click HERE.


Digests are automatic newsletters that can be activated to send a newsletter with the digest articles for the selected timeframe. To learn about Digests click HERE.

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