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With our recent change to the Promote module, we've narrowed down the toolset as part of our web friendly initiative. This change means your content will have no interference and can be easily accessed by many different platforms. Now, more than ever, EggZack is helping you display your content simply and effectively across all operating systems, browsers, networks and devices that your smartphones, laptops and tablets use to browse the web.

Formatting the EZ Way

When creating and formatting your content we give you the following tools in order: Bold, Italicize, Bullet Listing, Number Listing, Hyperlinking, and . These functions can be used to bring emphasis to your information, recognizable across all browsers and operating systems. An easy method of formatting content is to bold section titles, use bold or italics on words or phrases you want to bring attention to, include links that build your SEO and list important points using bullet or number lists.

Source Code

Source code is a worthy tool for editing content as well. You may use source to include images, videos, external information and style the content according to your wants and needs. To do this you will need to be familiar with HTML. However, do keep in mind that we limited these features to bring simplicity and compatibility to your posts. Any heavy formatting should be done on actual web pages and not in posts.

For help or support in using EggZack visit our help site at ezsupport.eggzack.com.

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