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Hi Everyone!

This week we bring to your attention improvements to the Email module of the EggZack platform. Emailing customers is an important part of any business interaction, whether or not your users are reading the email content or skimming through their list and scrolling past your subject lines. Marketing professionals will tell you that email interaction with customers is key to maintaining familiarity and informing them of what's new.

With that said, we touch on an important piece of email creation. CONTENT. The EZ File Manager has made its way to Email Creation. Now, you can send emails with the same flare and professional image management as the content you create for your webpages or promotion posts. Simply go to Email, tailor your post, and access the EZ File Manager by clicking on the Insert/Edit image icon in the toolbar.

If you need a refresher on using the EZ File Editor click HERE or contact us at

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