Scheduled Posting!

Hi Everyone,

Today we are very proud to release to you Scheduled Posting!

That's right, now you can schedule your posts in advance and manage your time more efficiently. No more worrying about logging into EggZack in the middle of a busy day to get the timing right on your web posts. Instead, relax, take your time to perfect your content and schedule them throughout the day or weeks in advance.

In order to make use of the Scheduled Posting feature, begin Promoting as normal. Near the bottom you will see a checkbox labeled "Schedule to activate later." Activating this will bring up new fields where you can select the exact date and time you would like the post to send. Hit Publish and you're good to go!
Your scheduled post will be entered into a queue in which you can choose to Delete or Edit the content up to 10 minutes before it is to be posted. When you hit the 10 minute mark you will only be able to Delete the post. This is to ensure that you have ample time to make any edits.

If you need a clearer visual for the step-by-step please click HERE.

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